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Girls Self-Esteem Information

As a counselor working with girls at this pivotal age of pre-teenage years, when their self identity and social identity is forming, I feel it is so beneficial to our students to help them develop a strong sense of self-confidence, accepting themselves and being empowered. On a daily basis I am working with girls that are struggling with their body image and insecurities. This year we decided to address this, particularly with girls by conducting a "Positive Images" group for 6th grade girls. In preparation for this I have come across some great resources on the web for increasing self-esteem and creation of positive self-images for young girls.
Dove soap has created a "Self-Esteem Fund" and the "Campaign For Real Beauty" that addresses self-esteem type issues.There are online tools in an effort to educate moms, mentors and girls. They have activities for moms to do with their daughters, prompts for discussion with your daughter, activities for girls, video clips and much more. You can view this information at
Also the Girl Scouts has created a "Uniquely ME!" program and also partners with Dove on their self-esteem initiative. The Uniquely ME! program include exercises about recognizing one's strengths and best attributes, handling peer pressure, healthy eating habits, hygiene, general wellness, exercise, and identifying core values and personal interests. Additional information about eating disorders, the power of positive thinking, relationship, and stress is also available to girls, on an age-appropriate basis. You can view their information at
If you happen to come across any other resources that are helpful please email me and pass those along. I hope our initiative here will be the beginning of developing strong, empowered and confident young ladies. I look forward to helping all of our girls to be the best they can be!